Diamond Pythons

My diamond python story begins with the acquisition of what I thought was a pair of diamonds from Michael Zangari. Michael had purchased them as youngsters from Matt Patterson, who produced them. I followed up with Matt to confirm. The following is a quote taken from an email exchange with Matt. "I produced them in 2012.......Sire is a 07 Cypress Creek/Bailey......Dam the same linage because they are sibs.""The line ts a Euro lineage..... Dave Sutton was the 1st to breed Cypress Creek in the States..... I was the 2nd......GV himself put his "stamp of approva"l on the linage to me last year."

I decided not to breed them the first year on Michaels recomendation. The following year I put them together, but was seeing no breeding activity whatsoever. One day while taking them out for some sun, I noticed the male had obvious lumps in its abdomen, which, upon further inspection turned out to be follicles. So, in fact, I had two females. I was desperate to find a male at that point and luckily Dave Sutton had some for sale. I picked up another Cypress Creek/Geb Bailey from Dave. I like the look of that line the best.I got the male just in time for the larger female, but the smaller one didnt "take", which was probably a blessing because I now have 20 babies to deal with.

Below are the available hatchlings. They are all available at this time. Some have yet to feed and that will be noted. Those that havent fed will be discounted 15% off the price listed. Lone females will be available until the ratio remaining makes that impossible, so get em while you can. Pairs will be 10% discounted as well. So, if you buy a non-feeding pair it would be 20% off. I wont sell any snake that appears less than 100% healthy, I just dont have time to deal with a bunch of fussy feeders and would prefer to let their forever owners do the enticing.

I am very experienced in shipping snakes (take a look at the "HOME" button at he bottom.) Depending on the number you purchase and the location, shipping is 45-80 bucks.


At this time none have fed. Their first shed was about 10 (Sep 15th) days ago, so no worries about them being starved. Check out the above as far as the discounts. Discounts are cumulative to a max of 25%.


Male 4 Sold to RS

Male Sold to EG

Male 1 $300


Male Sold EG

Female 7 Sold to RS

Female 5 sold to RS


Male 5 Sold EG

Male 6 Sold to RS

Female 6 $500


Female Sold

Female Sold EG

Female Sold EG


Male Sold to EG

Male 2 $300 Gecko Feeder

Female 4 Sold EG


Male 3 Sold to RH

Female 1 Sold to RS

Female 2 Sold to RS


Female 3 $500 geckos

Female Sold to EG