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  • West Rancherias
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    My West Rancherias line started with these wild caught animals. Rob Klockman and I caught the blonde and Keith Carlson caught the normal which turned out to be het. The killer colors of these animals have apparently provided the genes necessary to produce the awesome looking offspring that I produce.

  • South Alpine

    This gene pool of subocs is one of the best in my opinion. It took me an eternity to find a female, which was not a very attractive animal. I bred her 1 year and she produced 5.1 babies of which the only nice one was a female. I sold off the five males and the adult female, holding back the one baby. The animals pictured are the original wc male and his daughter. I sold these as well, holding back the best examples that Ive yet seen. My colony now is comprised of a pair of wc and the holdback females from this pair.

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