All offspring are sold as lizard feeders unless otherwise noted. I guarantee my offspring will eat, however I don't guarantee that they'll eat what you want them to eat. They're alterna and they can be a pain. That said, I will help you any way I can, but if you chose to not listen to advice, and insist on doing things your way, my guarantee is negated. If your snake doesn't eat within 14 days, notify me immediately.
My prices are high, but you are getting traceable snakes, with a clear lineage.
I ship overnight, and guarantee live arrival. Shipments over $500 require pickup from the local Fedex hub. If you chose to have them dropped at your house my live arrival
guarantee is negated. Shipping has become a nightmare, so please take the time to go pick them up. If the snakes show up compromised, notify me within 1 hour of pickup.
I guarantee I will be a responsible seller and take care of you as long as you are a responsible buyer. I hate that I have to post terms, but unfortunately there are people out there that make it necessary.