Male collected by R. Engledorf the same night as WSND2F2 (6/12/2007). I pulled up to Roy about 945PM to brag about my success, he'd had some too. Found crawling straight down big cut 8.2 miles north of Sanderson. NSND9M2 This snake was on loan from Stu Tennyson and has been returned. ROYSDARKMALE

Female collected by P. Huang 7.8 miles north of Sanderson with the snake to the left. Collected same night/time as male to left. HUANGFEMALE


Captive bred male produced from the above pair of wild snakes.

Captive bred female produced in 2010 by the above pair of wildsnakes. A clutchmate to the snakes to the left.


Male collected by Roy Engledorf 7.8 M north of Sanderson. Collected September 2007. This snake fathered 3 clutches before being returned to Roy. ROYSLIGHTMALE

Female collected by C. Smith and B. Haase 8.3 M north of Sanderson. Collected at 130 am during a light rain. MYLIGHTFEMALE


Captive Bred male produced by the above pairof wild snakes. Clutchmate to snake to left

Captibve bred Male produced from the above pair of wild snakes.


Captive bred female produced by apairing of ROYSLIGHTMALE to HUANGSFEMALE

The below snakes are no longer in my collection but their pictures will be left up for reference.


These snake's parents were found inches apart, so its likely they had bred before capture. They were kept in the same bag though, so its unkown wether the breeding was captive or not. For this reason these will be considered F1's. NSND30F1. Click here to see the parents of these snakes.

Male collected by R. Engledorf 14M north of Sanderson, 1st cut south of FM 2400.


Male collected 7.8 miles north of Sanderson. Found trailing the female at the top of the page. Collected 6/20/2004. HUANGSMALE

Juvenile female collected by Roy E.