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  • Uintah Basin

    The animals Ive got from the Uintah basin are highly variable, and very beautiful. They are small, with adults averaging just 18 inches long. The babies are equally as microscopic, but seem to be fairly easy to get to feed as long as you've got plenty of lizard parts for scenting. Ive had quite the time trying to breed these, so there's been very few offered.

  • Apache County

    I've got just the one pair from Apache county. I scored these on a single trip to the sage-brush sea back in 2014. It took them an eternity to grow, which is odd because they're babies grow pretty quickly. Offspring from this pair has proven to be very easy to get switched over to pinks. Some. Would say that this population that comes from the east side of the Mogollon Rim is not as pretty as those from the Seligman area, but I like the faded look and the fact that they don't look like a "perfect" tricolor.

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